Kroksta Skimate comes in two different models. Sprint and Fleximodel. The one thing that makes them different is the way they attaches on to skis. Both models are made for 2 skis at a time. You can higher and also lower Sprint and Fleximodel, witch means that they manage different skiprofile. You can also move it sideways. Kroksta skimate is standing steady on the ground is unsteady.

Kroksta skimate have a tools tray for waxes, wax iron and more. The legs that is laying on the ground is easy to remove with a sixedged-tool that comes along. The idea is to make the Krokstaskimate as small as possible to be able to carry it around. Kroksta skimate Sprint and Flexi, can provides with profiles ( se belove ). All Kroksta skimates delivers in a nice bag. There is a room for the profiles as well Kroksta skimate have developed and are developing together with and advices from Swedish skiers, in both regular and professional level.


Skimates top skisupport and midpart folds together. Skimates top skisupport and midpart folds together. Skimates legs folds together. Skimates packs into a bag.

Skimate Sprint 105. Skis attaches with skimate by the binding. Work for Rottefella NNN1 and NNN2 and also Salomonprofile. Weight. 6,5 Kg. Size compacted. 710x200x170mm

Skimate Flexi 104 Skis attaches with two sticks that locks the skis in place. Works great for all kinds of bindings and skis. Weight. 7,2 Kg. Size compacted. 710x200x170mm